The purpose of the Office of Student Affairs is to assist and give service to students in college life and learning. In accordance with the contents of affairs, it includes Military Education Office, Counseling Center, Discipline Section, Extracurricular Activities Section, Health Section and Service Learning Section.

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Military Education Office
Counseling Center
Discipline Section

Extracurricular Activities Section
Health Section
Service Learning Section


Campus Life

Freshman: Organize freshman orientation events and develop campus guidelines to assist them in adjusting to college life.

Care for disadvantaged students: Provide scholarships based on merit or economic hardship, provide disaster and emergency assistance, and part-time job opportunities for disadvantaged students.

Care for the students with disabilities. Set up resource classes with full-time teachers to provide academic advice and general counseling to disabled students.


Dormitory Life

Three male dorms and one female dorm can house 2083 students in total. Each dorm has air conditioning, internet access, and recreational facilities, such as basketball courts and an extracurricular activity center.

Each dorm has a learning resource center and counseling room for self-directed learning in the dormitory. Dormitory counselors and teacher assistants are on-site for academic counseling.


Extracurricular Activities

The campus Student Activity Center is a place for students to participate in extracurricular activities, inspire their creative skills, and practice planning, leadership, communication, negotiation, and problem solving.

Introduce art into the campus and arrange interschool competitions, such as annual art events and Huwei River modern literature awards.


Healthy Lifestyle

Comprehensive gymnasium and independent sports facilities are on campus for faculty and students to practice recreational sports and exercise.

Specially adapted physical education is available for disabled students to exercise, build self-confidence, and learn self-protection.


College Life

Holistic Education: Encourage student groups to participate in volunteer services and raise student groups in nearby primary and middle schools. Organize extracurricular academic counseling for disadvantaged students; support student groups to join in community activities and gain a sense of responsibility through managing interpersonal services.

Information Center : Provide campus and resource information to students and visitors.



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